fictional materials

I have looked at fictional materials using wiki as a starting point. This will hopefully spark some ideas for creating my own fictional material for my robotic parts if I decide to go down that road.
The possibility’s are quite limitless but most fictional materials are based around facts from non fictional materials. The properties for these materials can also be that of fiction. some examples below

(above) Anitgravity – Unobtainium

(above) Adamantium beta is a new metal created as a side-effect of the process of bonding true adamantium to Wolverine’s bones

(above) mimetic polyalloy ability to transform shape to a similar mass due to its liquid metal compound

Other properties allow materials to conduct energy or produce energy through exposure.

There are also negative sides to fictional materials which can include, negative reactions from exposure like radiation, also instabilities to things such as atmospheric temperatures. Weaknesses such as the t-1000’s poloyalloy when exposed to liquid nitrogen or a magnetic field.

It’s interesting to see that a fictional material can but used again an again in different story’s and different worlds within fiction. Mithril has been used in games including Simon the sorcerer, War hammer, world of war craft and even the final fantasy series. Unobtainium is another example of this having been used in The core and Avatar.

Last of all the appearance is a key element to creating a new material. Again many are devised from looking at existing materials and slightly altering thinks or adding/mixing colour and texture. Adding other things such as glow sparkle and shine or even reduced reflective surfaces can contribute towards the effect of a new material. I think how the material looks is equally if not less important than the description because most metals can look similar I dont think I could tell you what the visual difference is between adamantium and titanium .

All of this research will be very useful if I decide to create my own fictional materials.I wish id have looked at normal materials first because now im gonna be bored stupid from it after this post.


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