omni corp

This  viral ad for the robot cop remake is a kind if public service announcement from omnicorp, a fiction company set in the film which is responsible for creating Robocop. Ive broken down elements of the ads which communicate to the public with the film footage of people and the city. I like the way it shows the products in action. It also teases us at the end which a glimpse at the suit masked in shadow and close up cam pans.

omni corp

This post was a must because the original film had some pretty over the top, fictional ads played on tvs during the film, which is definitely part of my inspiration for this project. It was Director Paul Verhoeven who directed robot cop and its cool to see how similar ad’s crop up in more of his films, titles which include Total Recall and Starship troopers. I think these ads give the film another element of realism as advertisement plays a big part in our everyday lives. I found a interesting web article that shows a collection of these ads see the paragraph below. it explains how ads in film can also play an important role in films. site link

extract from site below

Whether video or printed, advertisements only have moments to engage the viewer/reader and convey an enormous amount of information. Therefore they can be a great benefit to science-fiction films which have complex societal or technological backstories essential to the core plot, but which are a potential drag on pushing the narrative forward.

Apart from this practical consideration, the scope for humour and societal satire is immense when inventing ads in this particular genre. Robocop writers Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner admit that they strip-mined the rich vein of satire – much of which is contained in commercials – in the UK Judge Dredd comic (created by John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra). Dredd‘s incisive take on advertising culture has spread through Robocop not only into that film’s sequels but also into a number of other SF movies since, including many by Robocop director Paul Verhoeven and his Total Recall collaborator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I intend to look at more ads to build a better picture to how my ad is to be presented to feature my arm design.


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