The Zantium alloy coating – Arm material

Looking looking back on the blog post i did for fictional materials, I decided to base my idea around both non fictional and fictional. I came up with the Idea for a (Zantium) alloy coating, which has the ability to encase any kind of metal, preferably light weight metals and amplify its ability to resist all manner of damage and corrosion. This will allow for the most light weight metals to be used for the arm. The non fictional part comes from a quick look into alloys and how there properties can be combined to create an improved metal or plastic.

Alloys – combining metals or non metals together. For example: titanium mixed with molybdenum, aluminium, zirconium, chromium and vanadium, makes titanium beta C. Mixing these elements creates an alloy with different attributes, titanium beta C has an improved resistance to corrosion  from saline environments and acids.  Its also easier to melt and heat treat.

Finding out how these alloys should look isn’t an easy task as internet sources show it though microscopic visuals so you can see the different elements fused together. I think this can be achieved by simply using a noise or fractal effect in a shaders. I think a nice mix of gloss n reflection will be idea for the Zantium alloy coating, now i have to consider the colours.  I posted up some different colours renders online to see what people think


I get a mixed bag of feedback with the help of facebook, see below

colourscolour tests

This lead me onto doing some other quick tests, including, superhero themed, skins tones, and customer requests.

so many ideas and different opinion’s Ive decided to go with white as its a very clean colour an makes the least suggestions as to who it might appeal towards.

So Zantium is going to be a nice shiny white, not too shiny though because I want you to be able to see nice white reflections in the animation.


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