CAr ads

I think id like to be able to compare my robotic arm to other expensive products on the market, a future market anyway,  that would be advertised a specific way, electrical/machine based products with a lot of function like Cars inparticular stick out because they are very expensive and in a way they are a more realistic example of extending our abilities. Car ads have many different ways to show there products, ive noticed some particular elements and a pattern quite a few cars ads fit into. ive picked out a few examples.

FUNNY –  in this ad we see humor as its portrays the car begin faster than the worlds fastest land vehicle. The idea is quite witty because its not obvious at first.

TRANSFORM – This ad uses humor, but also very high end visual effects like what we could expect to see in films creating more appeal.


SHATTER – we see a lot of shatter effects in car ads, I think this could be just down to artistic beauty, its always nice to see things shatter into millions of pieces, this is definitely a trade of motion graphics which are used a lot in car ads

SHADOWS – again this one uses motion graphics which look look quite dated now but still, here is a good example of shadows and darkness. Its as if the parts are floating in space, i really like this effect which is also quite abstract in parts because it helps focus my attention on the car transformation. I love the artistic flare of these kind of ads

COLOUR – this ad shows the car in a vast selection of colours in just a short period of time, layers galore but a good way to show a customer how it looks in their fav colour.


FEATURES/NARRATIVE DRIVEN – This ad shows how a more detailed narrative can be used to show of features in the car, also it pays good attention to the digital display feature of the car.

I will take some of these elements into consideration when creating my animation


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