If i had time I wanted to impliment a console that comes out of the forarm to display dyagnostic specs of the arm including strength setting and a GPS location system. I did a quick sketch and then recreated in after effects.

This required me to become familiar with layer shapes in after effects as the display is entirely made up from layer shapes. This consumed a fair bit of time an took me a fair few hours to learn and complete the task.

console display

I wanted it animated so I had to fiddle with basic expressions including wiggle and cycle animation. I could have spent way more hours to get it looking good but I simply didn’t have the time. most of the features on the arm are just for shape and movement to make it look a bit more interesting, they simply don’t serve a purpose which really annoys me. The only things that remotely make any sense is the strength setting, GPS scanner, oh and the weather display.


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