Study Task 1

3D agency’s

I feel its useful to touch on 3D agencies because these are companies dedicated towards bringing artists and clients together creating many opportunities. For example I have looked at 3D AGENCY. They cover the areas of advertising, automotive, character design and illustration which are all possible areas for which I could enter the industry doing. These kind of agencies cater for a large range of work, Agent bob in particular covers pretty much every aspect of the industry see list below.

3D illustrations for TV, print and advertising.
2D and 3D artists covering every discipline.
3D animation and character design.
CGI Visualisation.
Pre-production 3D artists and storyboards.
Production management.
Creative retouching and beauty retouching.
Sound FX, music and the recording of voice talent.

These agency websites contain galleries of the work they have produced and it gives me a good understanding about the quality of work they expect their artists to achieve and more importantly showcase the agency and artists to potential clients

Agency Company links below


Animation Base

Animation base are a web based organization which advertise jobs within the animation industry, it basically takes job seekers and companies looking to hire and makes it easier for them to find each other by presenting a data base of available jobs and a list employers. The site displays recent activity from companies who are actively looking for employees. Obviously you have to register on the site to gain full access, but its free so it would be very useful for anybody wanting to get into the creative industry to sign up.

The site allows you to input your CV so that companies can take a look and obviously find links to show reels or blogs to see what your about and what you are capable of. Something like this will definitely benefit me once I have my degree. site link:


Creative skill set is a website that focuses on the creative industry, it provides endless information about the skills needed to get into the industry. It also provides careers advice and points you in the right direction for training courses  and educational routes with its vast amount of careers information.

This site is usful to me because it can keep me in touch with the changes in the industry long after my degree has finished. It also has contact to which you can ask questions regarding your specific area of expertise .

Another interesting aspect to the sign is the events calendar by which you can keep up to date events that concern your area of interest.

Also by joining them I can contact other members and extend my networking scope and find lots of interesting new people who are in a similar situation to myself. Not to mention more experienced members who could present opposites and even provide feedback on my work.

CGI society

This is basically what it says on the tin, a society for digital artists to showcase there work. Not only that, the site contains a selection of category from the CG porfolio (in which you can keep a collection of your work in which potential clients can view with ease) to the CGI features page (this contains up to date articles from industry level, so you can check out how the next block buster movie was made). As a 3D artists my self, it really puts the outside world into more perspective because their is endless work to view from very corner of digital art. The challenges section allows members to submit work for live briefs through competitions with a lot of great prizes to be won. Another way in which becoming a member could benefit me is getting feedback on my work. Looking through the galleries you can see tones of constructive feedback on even the best looking work. This kind of communication is invaluable to artists because they can never stop improving their work. (site link:

RedStar Creative

This is a slightly different area of the creative industry but one not to be discounted because from a business perspective it could be a vital element to optimizing your brand should you ever be lucky enough to have your own business or even get as far as starting one up. RedStar offer web soloutions to companies which is a very important tool for generating awareness of your company to the public through mediums like social networking .

Although this may not appeal to me directly at this stage, knowing that the web is one of the most powerful tools backed up my companies like RedStar who use web advertising as a main focus helps me to consider the many ways I can market myself without leaving the office. site Link:

All Animated

All Animated are a regional support organization designed to create opportunities within the animation industry. They provide information on learning, networking and even organize events. There new site is still under construction at the moment but there is still lots of information that can be found on All Animated activities. All animated is now funded by creative England who support and invest in creative ideas and aim to bring forth the full potential of England’s creative industry. All animated are relevant to me because they provide a good connection for 3D artists within my countries community and beyond. I will greatly benefit from signing up with the organization because again, once I have left my study I can still be kept involved in the animation industry. Using my friends as an example its easy to see how people can fall out of the loop once they leave study and take on an everyday job to make money. All animated is my connection to the trade I have learnt. There are other sites like this out there but I chose this one because its closer to home as I like in Yorkshire myself


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