transparent House

During my independent practice module I came  across an advert for blazing dragonfly vodka, it’s a cgi advert which involves high detail mechanical cg dragonflys covered in flames. Its very nicely done and right up my street in regards to cgi design animation. I decided to research the company who produced it and get some more insight into the concept. It was created by Transparent House who began as a design and visualisation fire with a focus on CGI. I found the making of the advert and also read up a few articles about the advert. I discovered that the advert was fictional, created to showcase their talent to potential clients. I think this is a great idea because although the advert is fictional it still has as much chance in getting peoples attention and you don’t have to wait around for a client to give you such a brief.

I  had a particular interest in the development of the dragonfly’s so I  took the opportunity to email them. They were very kind in responding to me and answered all my questions regarding the artists that worked on the project. I was quite stunned to find out the dragonfly’s were designed, modelled, rigged and animated by a single artist. Z-brush was  initially used which was then retopologised in max. Its clear that quite a lot of artists out there will use a sculpting application to get lots of detail out of there designs. The sculpt info can then be easily translated into any 3d application. I also asked for some more images from the development such as close ups and more shots of the rigging elements of the dragonfly to give me ideas for my own projects. They kindly sent some nice screens of the development work which im very grateful for.


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