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I caught this CG short on 3d world and traced it back to vimeo.  Its a typical sci fi story line but the visual elements including design and cinematography are very nice considering it was done by one individual (Kaleb lechowski)  Im was unsure about the animation from the first time Id watched it and it seems that animation may not be a strong point for the creator. The secondary animation on the alien skin seems to react slightly off compared to the primary movement when I look at the large flaps on either side of the aliens head. Also when the Alien runs something doesn’t seem right about its movement in comparison to its environment, a lot of its running seems to be hidden as well which may be why I was  put of by its animation cycle. Web sources indicate that Hollywood executives have seen this short and have asked Kaleb to fly over and work on some project maybe, True or not, again it shows how a the effort put into the making a short animation can really showcase your abilities and create an online buzz for your work as far as the web can reach.

Vimeo link



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