Mortal Kombat legacy

Recently Ive been watching the mortal kombat: legacy episodes on you tube, having been a fan of the games and previous films as a teen I thought it would be worth a watch. I was initially quite shocked and very impressed at the high level of VFX used on the episodes. Kevin Tancharoen has directed the entire series after previously directing the 3d a concert based film. He has a background in dance choreography which at first id say was a big contrast but from a performance perspective, it’s quite the same thing when considering the fight sequences ect.  Shown on the Machinima  you tube channel channel Legacy is a kind  of spin-off from the Mortal Kombat rebirth short also directed by Tanchaoen though the style had reverted back towards to original concepts from the came as Ed Boom the original co-creator of the Mortal Kombat game series. These kind of web adaptations can been seen as a pitch towards a bigger project, once people are interested and the pitch becomes popular it can give bigger companies more confidence to go ahead with a game or feature film from the initial idea. Its said that warner bros are now giving the go ahead for a big screen adaptation in 2014. This proves that small ideas can be used and presented to then become something bigger so ill never shy away from smaller projects that fit in with my area of interest.

This is certainly something id like to be hopefully involved in when I finish my degree, it obviously got me thinking about my own abilities and where i fit as a practitioner in the creative industry. It also shows me that I have a particular interest towards live action VFX with both 2d and 3d elements. Episode 9 of the series really caught my eye.  A high level of CGi with mo cap was used for the Cyrax and Sector characters. These kind of vfx connect very well with my FMP.



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