bjorks hunter

Created by digital domain, this stunning piece of vfx for bjork’s Hunter music video really shows how live footage and cgi can be brought together with great results. The thing i like about this is the fact that there isn’t really any need for photo realism for the cgi elements. The creators wanted to create a techno effect to compliment Bjorks music, which is compliments it very well as the cg is very shiny and shell like but almost organic. The makers tell us that they had no intentions of making it photo-realistic which i agree isn’t really needed. It has its own unique style and I think it expresses a very techno nature because it looks so computer generated on purpose.  I’m also interested in the way the bear has been used to symbolise the concept of the song. This is something I will consider for my own project, id like to use ideas from an animal to symbolism a mood or representation as part of the cg effects  in a similar way. see link for music video and making of article below



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