parallel lines

I found a great short on you tube called the gift, what really caught my eye was the robot and its design. This type of robot design seems very popular at the moment, lots of internal functionality encased in a smooth outer shell usually rendered with a white material. If the form is humanoid or not to me this is a distinct type if robot aesthetic. This kind of design can be seen in robots like the Bjork all is full of love video and the robots in the portal games not to mention many artist that have followed a similar style like Benedict Campbell. I’ve made a compilation of images based around these robots for examples sake which I think follow the same style of design. I think it’s useful for me to pin point particular styles because I can be more in tune with the different styles that are out there for what ever project i might involved in.


I later found out that this ad is part of a cinematic campaign for Philips which used to promote Phillips electronics. This consists of 5 short films created by 5 different directors that make use of 6 pieces of dialogue, turned into 5 completely different films. The visual contrast between the story’s is very interesting to watch combined with the use of different mediums. The subheading for the campaign is ‘There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one.’ cool stuff.


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