Sculpture Park

Recently I took a completely random trip to the Yorkshire sculpture park with a friend who was looking for some inspiration for her own project. Little did I know that this trip would connect towards my own project by pure chance. I had no idea about what artists were exhibiting at the park but one in particular was Yinka Shonibare and is FABRIC-ATION works. I felt that 2 pieces of his work in particular connected to my own project. The first was a piece of photography called  Fake Death Picture (The Death of St Francis) see image below.


From a distance the image looked so much like a Renaissance painting in the same way the Immmortal’s film by Tarsem Singh did. It was nice to see this effect again and it really confirmed that I would like to use a similar effect for my sequence. The main reason for this is because I think the use of shadows really brings out an image in the same way comic books use shadow to highlight characters and environments, its seem silly to compare a comic book to a renaissance painting but the shadows are really still doing the same thing, but in a far more complex way, as it would with film.

Going back to the sculpture park Yinka Shonibare also had a film on display. Listening to his interview on the tate website see link below, He used dance as a medium to expressing his work. One fundamental thing about this film was the use of playing footage in reverse, done in such a way that you don’t realize this at first. I allows for a different control of movement and I slightly uncanny element to the performance. I cannot find a clip of this anywhere, only other films he has done with similar visuals. see link to artist page


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