The narrrative and concept behind the sequence

The narrative behind my project is loosely based around the expression of empowerment with concepts taken from both Greek and superhero mythologies; Comic creators marvel and DC have used many Greek mythologies and adapted them to their own characters for example Wonder Woman was an Amazon warrior. I would like to make use of the connections and interactions between mortals and gods. In various mythologies gods have helped mortals and demigods by providing them with powers or mythological objects including swords, clothing and armour to aid them in whatever conflict they are caught up in. Hephaestus was the Greek black smith of the gods known for creating these kinds of artefacts. I will take this concept and use CG effects to display mythical wings to symbolize empowerment and revival in the performance. I’ve chosen wings because they have been used as attributes on many depictions of gods including the goddess I will use in my story line.     The back story to the performance will be an interpretation of revival. The concept focuses on the damaged souls of woman who have fallen victim to the injustice of men. One particular soul has been granted empowerment by Nemesis the Greek goddess of retribution to seek revenge upon evil men that feast upon the weak and helpless. The soul has been given given back to its original body and the ability to transform all of its pent up emotion into powerful spirit/armoured wings.  We see this idea of rival combine with revenge in many films, ones which I find particularly inspiring and relevant towards my project include, Kill Bill: Volume: 1 (2003), I spit of your grave (1978) and The Crow (1994). These films seem to portray revenge as a superhuman like feat and the characters gain a god like invincibility as they act out there revenge, I think this is why the idea of revenge reflects the idea of gods and superhero mythologies.


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