Realising the wings in 3D

I created a range of image plains that contained separate parts of the wings so I could quickly switch when I needed to focus on a particular element of modeling.
Before I began modeling I placed basic primitives such as tubes at the main pivot points of my model and added them to a separate layer, this way I can easily snap new geometry straight into place.

early stageswork2

Once my model reaches a fairly high detailed stage I will test render with x materials to check the model and assess the progress and see if there any shapes or parts id like to change before finalizing it.


I will also play with the wing rotations to check out how they look when they spread out, the images plains help again to show me how the wings will fold out.

wingtest wingspan1

The tail was going to be optional though the tail end was vaguely referenced in the image plains apart that I just looked at some bird tails and the human spine and made a combination of the two and to go with the theme of the wings i made some blades and a spike at the end, kinda like a lethal scorpion tail. I took influence from the transformer Ravage and looking at the toy of Ravage allowed me to determine a simple mechanism for the blades n spike. although I didn’t copy its exactly it set my on the right track and saved lots of time. I also added a rig to the tail whilst it designed it so I could see how it might move.

tail tail
with plates


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