blade patterns texture ideas

above is a mood for the blade engraving design, ive always admired engravings on swords for certain films which as kill bill, Conan the barbarian, sucker punch and the clash of the titans remake. I think detail like this give of a distinct style and a nice element of realism through attention to detail, this is something I wanted to add to my project. Also above is an image of a dwarven mech from skyrim I think the engravings and patterns really add to the effect of the material and I wish to follow a similar concept for my model. I also added greek patterns in attempt to fit the wings into the theme. All this was a good opportunity to take textures and uv mapping further then id done in previous years of my course.

I designed the images to which i wanted calving into my materials in photoshop and then experimented with mudbox to produce maps to add onto my shaders in maya.
blade design


I ran into many problems and decided that bump maps would be much more efficient than displacements maps. The main reasons were because displacement maps required the approximation editor which drastically slowed down render times and bump maps looked just a good for the geometry i was dealing with. Also I realized that I didn’t need mudbox at all because my wings were pretty much a hard surface model and all the maps could be created entirely in photoshop. I wasted a great deal of time thinking I couldn’t do this without mudbox. To get even more accurate texture positioning on my model I took screen shots of the model from maya and used them as reference when placing the patterns for the bump maps in photoshop.




I also created glow maps to allow the engravings to glow inside the blades.



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