As a final result

Towards the end of the project my story board was turned on its head and fed to the pigs.

Almost all of my object tracking footage was UN-trackable due to the new device i made to go onto my actors back. Because it was connected by wire hooks over the shoulders when the actor moved it caused the movement to come from the shoulders and neck so when the wings were tracked they didn’t appear to be connected to the back at all. I had to really dig deep to salvage some of the footage to track which really effected my story and I had to chop the editing down to compensate for the lack of cgi wing, which was really what this project was about, I had an opportunity to re film extra shots the Saturday before the deadline but my actor was away for the weekend. So I just spent time trying to fix both the keying and tracking elements. If only id kept with my original piece of card and sellotape.

Id say that the finished product was a rough concept for my original idea and im confident that given and opportunity to finish this I could have achieved my original goals. (see final edit below)


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