Working with the final footage

The idea of using blue screen was the first issue which really slowed the vfx down as keying out became a difficult task. Because I used the same lighting set up I didn’t consider that the blue would require brighter lights to highlight it for keying. Also I felt decided that the actual colour of the blue screen material seemed very faded and there was a minimal contrast between blue and grey tones in the blue screen footage recorded also maybe shadows showed up all over it and why my actor moved so did the material, and do did the shadows.



Initial keying presented very jumpy keying with lots of constant moving noise all over the blue areas. I had to do some online research to find ways around this. I disovered that using both the keylight and colour range effects did an ok job removing the green and blue, though the outline around my actor in the blue areas where still quite noisy. I also used a simple choker to tighten up the edges and reduce noise from the darker areas.

I had to resort to rotoscoping parts that still gave off too much noise.


I decided that to save time tracking most shots, I could use 2D layers with a 3D camera for my background. Still shots could also be made to appear 3D if I turned my footage into a 3D layer. I could then use the after effect camera to control pans ect

2d floor

see test below


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