Alien Lip sync

Another project I worked on out side of college was providing assistance to another student who urgently needed somebody to animate and lip sync an alien character for his own uni project, I was quite nervous about accepting the task as animation isn’t really an area id focused on but as it was in maya a program im relatively confident, in and the assets and sound recording were all provided, I took the job and did the best I could given the 2 day time frame I had. I basically collected a bunch of lip sync images showing the mouth positions for different letters and I animated the characters mouth so the positions fit the words. This worked quite well and I was happy with the final result I just took a bit of time a patience contantly playing back the animations with sound.


I passed it back to the guy as an image sequence with alpha channels to he could do pretty much whatever with it and he seem very happy with the work id done for him. This added to my own confidence knowing Id done a good job for a type of industry based task. Its nice to be able to work on a project with only a focused responsibility and its made me more open to collaborate rather than attempt to do everything on my own. But at the same time is nice to be pushed out of your comfort zone an try something different. This is the final render I passed on below which he then composite into his project. I also smoothed the model out for him and made some adjustments to the textures. I think he basically downloaded the rigged character online because it looked quite familiar. hopefully his project came out well


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