Creative networks Logo

I entered a competition with course mate Lauren to create a sting for creative networks. This was quite a short project and we both decided upon our roles in order to get the job done. Lauren did the organisation, brief planning and editing whilst I was responsible for the 3D effects, we both had equal collaboration on the concepts and decided that making us of 3d applications would be a must as we both like working with 3D.

After discussing concepts with Lauren I mocked up some examples using cinema 4d and she gave me feedback and we both discussed the development until we had a final result we were both happy with.

Whilst the project was technically challenging it still gave me the opportunity to have a go at creating a sting as its not something id done previously.

I regards to the competition we managed to come joint 1st an was awarded gift vouchers of our choice. From an industry perspective it was a great project to get involved in because you begin to realize that 3D skills can cater for a wider range of work. Making logos and stings using 3d could potentially bring work and experience, more importantly they can help to build up a good showreel.

early concept



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