Visiting Distant futures

My course mate Lauren had arranged to visit 3d animation company distant futures I thought this might be a good opportunity to tag along and see there studio and how they work. As id already been in contact with them over a possible day visit or placement I dropped them a quick email asking if I could tag along with Lauren and kill two birds with one stone. They were happy for me to come down with Lauren and Lauren herself was happy for the company so it was a win win. Once we arrived at the studio we were show around the building then sat in the studio for a long chat about the industry, about distant futures and about ourselves. Whilst talking I could see artists on internships working in the studio, it was great to see familiar applications being used and modeling, rigging and concept design in full swing. I asked many questions about the company and got a good insight to there past and current projects. We also discussed various application, there uses and personal thoughts about software and techniques.

I asked If we could have a quite wonder round each artist so we could see what they were doing this also gave me a chance to ask about there own background and where they’d come from. It made me begin to compare myself and think about my own journey up to this point. I left the studio feeling very confident about myself and where I was at at this stage coming towards to end of my degree. After this experience I really felt like a good balance of talent and hard work could make working my way into the creative industries a reality. They also mentioned possible internships when we finish our degree course and I made it clear that this is something I would definitely be interested in.

Big thanks to distant futures for having us around!


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