Eurovision butterflys

Happy Forsman & Bodenfors were responsible for creating the identity of this years eurovision 2013. I came across this work sitting down for a moment whilst my mum was watching the euro vision. I saw these amazing CGI butterfly’s. There were a range of animations with the butterfly’s moving very dynamically with some fantastic particle effects emitting from there wings as they moved. What struck me even more was how well there were composited into the live footage. I did some research on the company responsible and it seems there are generally involved in advertising and creating a visual identity for companies ect. I like how they used every flag from all counties taking part in the contest and textured the butterfly’s wings individually for each of the 40 countries. The slogan for this years eurovision was ‘We are one’ and I think the butterfly’s really did a good job uniting all the countries together on screen. This kind of innovative thinking from artistic minds makes me realize why I would like to be a part of the creative industries. I think it also shows that good artistic expression need not always be over complex and technically demanding.



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