kill billl animation feeling the push!!!


I found an interesting article on one of my favorite Tarantino films, Kill Bill vol.1. At this point I was considering what to do for my final major project and for some reason I was considering working with 2d animation. A course mate Chris has intrigued me with his work in 2d animation and I felt I had some good ideas to use the medium in a slightly different way. I had this idea of using live footage as a base to trace over 2d characters in order to create some kind of martial arts animation similar to the Ah ha music video Take on me, but instead of tracing exactly I wanted to design characters to draw and only use the live footage as reference. I was also inspired by the animation sequences on kill bill because I felt as if the roughness and accuracy of the movement was some kinda of tracing over live footage and I felt like this could be easily be done and to good effect, I spoke to my course mate Chris to see what he thought about the idea, he seemed quite interested and suggested me doing some quick tests with this idea. He also pointed out that 2d animation can be very time consuming and a quite test would give me an ideas as to what id be dealing with. I quickly filmed myself doing some kinda martial arts moments an used photoshop to animate each key frame with the imported footage, seem results below. To similate drawing a character and just using the footage for reference I just drew a blue suite over the tshirt i was wearing.

This test took me about 40 mins to do including filming, putting on my pc and animating in photoshop. The daunting reality of 2d animation was cast over me. I also decided that putting my 3D work to one side for my final major would have been a very stupid idea. Never the less its made for a good blog post. Going back to the Kill Bill animation, looking at the link at the top of this post I found that this was a solid animation made by production I.G using stills and basic acting out by Tarantino himself to show the animation team what he was after. When changes had to be made to a scene such as hair colour the entire scene would have to be animated from scratch. In the article Team I.G express how they were pushed beyond their comfort zone to achieve such a stunning piece of animation which on one hand is a good example of how demanding the industry can be and also I think this proves that to make significant achievements an artist must strive to push their own boundaries.


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