The piece of work is driven by elemental and organic CG effects to drive a narrative story. Visually its a kinda of CGI motion graphic piece. Looking closer at the artists that worked on Golem I came across Patrick Mccue. Looking at his site was interesting in the sense that this guy is slightly different from a lot of the typical cg artists ive seen, the fact that hes a 3D non-characeter animator is cool and looking at his work it reminded me that animation isn’t just about bringing characters to life, there are lots of other uses for animation like Motion design which is another area Mccue includes in has skill set. He describes how he combines his passions in multiple areas such as directorial, animation and design, towards his clients which I think is a good way of channeling your interests into projects to embrace collaborations with other artist. I feel its not about being able to do everything yourself, but about not being afraid to express your passion about an area you don’t necessarily specialize in or have a great knowledge of. Mccue also has many still renders of his work which is an idea I will take for my own site because I feel that not everything needs to fit in a show reel plus I think that still renders leave room for people to imaging what it might look like as a moving image. If the still renders look nice than there isn’t much to suggest the animations wont look good.


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