Making drunk aliens break down

Watching this brake down for drunken aliens was a real eye opener. Seeing the breakdown and processes of the image has help me come to some realizations about my own work. When viewing these breakdowns and how it was made clips I always seem to wanna know what software was used almost as if by finding out, I can achieve similar results. But at this point in my degree I realize its not about the software you use and its more about the fundamental understanding, skills and the talent I already possess. The early stages of the clip we see a good old fashioned sketch book and pencil which Rafael Vallaperde the artist responsible begins with rough sketches to realize what his final render might look like. without this important part of the process I think that the 3D apps are quite meaningless, having said that its easy to just go into Z brush and begin sculpting any old shape and see how it turns out. I have done this and you can usually come up with some nice results but this I think is where the work n creativity becomes driven by the application. I believe that sketching with a pen or pencil is an essential tool for an artist as designs and ideas could be considered at there purest form when imagination first hits the paper. I know this must seem like i’m mumbling on but Im trying to explain to myself reasons for which I shouldn’t care what application did what piece of art and I feel I should just be confident in the fact that I can bring my own designs to life with any application of my choosing.


One response to “Making drunk aliens break down

  1. Totally agree. Sometimes we get caught up in the technology but the best work starts with the pencil and pad.

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