freelanced social network

Found this Add whilst looking o freelanced social network, These kind of jobs are easy money and I would get a chance to focus on drawing which I love. Illustration will always be an important part of my practice so doing small illustration jobs Thinking about the site its self there are lots of unrealistic offers for example on guy wanted 100 fantasy images drawing for a role playing card game offering around 15 pounds per image. I think this shows how people will always be trying to get jobs done for as cheap as possible. To someone who hasn’t much knowledge of the creative industries 15 pounds per image might not seem a bad bit of money making. But when considering the commitment of 100 images that have the same style things like design and research come into play if its to be done properly. you then start to realize the time its going to take you to get it all done they suddenly 15 per image is way under payment. This is why I agree that having an hourly rate is important because the demands are put into perspective when you consider the amount of time it will take you to complete a project. This also creates things like deadlines so jobs actually get done.


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