smoke n mirrors

Here is a useful you tube post about some of the work flows Smoke and Mirrors use with particular software. first of all its intereting to find out that the creative director began touching up photos to then moving on to 3D. I think it shows how a creative career can take unexpected turns in job roles. I like how they also specialize partly in high resolution still images, this is something that Id like to work on because I don’t really consider myself to be an animator I think id be very interested in using 3D to create still images to company logos and advertising and its definitely the main area in which i see myself working but that is something ill look into more when I finish my degree. In this video they talk about 3D application Modo and explain there processes as a company teaming up colleagues to collaborate of a piece of work. They go into detail about reasons for using certain application in order to visually show clients on the spot what the work will look like. It all seem to be about fast pipe lines and speeding up the workflow as well as producing great work.


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