Can or Cannot, that is the question

Im at a point where I need to be asking myself what I can and cant do now that my education is almost over. I think its about looking at the things i cannot do and working on them.

Recently ive been looking at many job descriptions and desirable job specification/requirements to see what possible employers are wanting and what jobs I think I’m suited to.

At the moment I’m floating between 3D modeller and concept designer because I enjoy a high amount of aspects for each area. So by committing myself to these two areas I can focus on what companies need from people going into this line of work.

I’ve realised that extra skills will differ with different companies as companies have varied specialisms and focus. For example Blur studios job description for a 3d modeller goes into detail about the different range of characters you will be require to model as apposed to other companies which require there modellers to have a more arch vis technical approach to modelling.

I need to start looking closer at these job requirements and dealing with issues in areas I lack knowledge and begin to build upon my skills.


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