Space cadet

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a Leeds based company called space cadet, During my time there I gained some good experience of how the company working in regards to dealing with clients and pipe lines used to carry out projects. I get a really good idea of just how demanding and time consuming this career can become. Having said that, space cadet was basically a one man show, who was looking to expand with business by taking on individuals as an intern with the possibility of pay. I was very impressed with my work which gave me a lot of confidence with the progression of my portfolio. As for the actual work I did during my duration at space cadet, I learnt some useful skills to take with me. The first project I worked on was modelling rooms from technical blue prints. Thankfully they didn’t need to be accurate, exact measurements due to the quality of the blue prints so I only had to really focus on the shape. I was shown how to model in walls, door ways and windows and moved pre-made assets like window frames into my model. I hand to produce around ten rooms in total and after the 3rd room it began to feel like a proper job and the process became repetitive. I was very nervous about what he was going to say after my work was done but when i found that he was impressed with the job I was really happy. The second job is where everything went wrong for me. I was required to use 3D max which id used to do the previous room modelling project with assets handed over by a client. I was expected to retexture the scene with the V-Ray plug in. Because this wasn’t as simple as modelling I became way out of my depth and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. The main problem was the fact that this was one guy running the show and he was extremely busy, so the idea of constantly needing his help didn’t make sense at all. It got to a point that I was just sitting around for ages waiting for him to have a spare moment to help me out. Eventually the guy got so busy that he had to move all his equipment out of the studio back home and he said he would let me know when he returns to the studio. After this he emailed me on a few occasions but nothing came of him returning back to Leeds. I understand the amount of work he had to do and I appreciate the fact I didn’t have enough experience to work more independently so he may have decided that it wasn’t the right time to take on an intern with such little experience. Either way ive taken a lot from this experience the fact that I put myself out there alone was a positive outcome. It also reinforces the fact the Im more of a creative design guy than a technical guy. I had no motivation to find out how to solve the problems I came up against alone. I think technical problem solving is a special trait which I don’t possess.


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